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PVC inflatable air track

By Jump air track 11 months ago 129 Views No comments

On March 12th, our goods arrived at the British Customs. After that, FEDEX issued a tax bill of £574.34 to our customers, but the amount written on the invoice is $650. So the actual tax is not so high.

In order to help our customers save money, we actively contact the FEDEX customer service manager in China to ask questions and communicate with customers, let customers communicate with FEDEX in the UK and seek solutions. FEDEX also admitted the error, but did not immediately give us a solution. However, we are not discouraged. We learned about the FEDEX contact information in the UK through the FEDEX Customer Service Center in China, communicated with them, asked about the solution to the problem, and finally solved this problem through our joint efforts on March 19, and the tax was also From the original price of £574.34 to £114.57 . This is a very fair amount, the customer is very satisfied with our solution, of course, the customer also received the goods on March 19. This is a perfect ending. Thanks to all those who work hard for it.

8m inflatable air track

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This is an 8m inflatable track that my client bought for his gymnast.

My client said that this is the ideal mat he wants, not only to help athletes quickly learn skills, but also to help improve the techniques, his students like this product very much.

And the 8m inflatable air track is sufficient for continuous jumps and tumbling, and is suitable for all levels and sports.


1 x Inflatable air track
1 x Repair kits
1 x Air pump

1 x carry bag

Weight: 60 KGS(132LBS)


1.Inflatable Air Track requires no sharp objects in the field.

2.It is prohibited to carry keys,mobile phone,glassde and accessories to play sharp.

3.The use of products should be checked before the seal is intact,and the handle strap securely.

4.Please press the"UP" prompt on the product to use ,do not reverse the use.

Please note:the product is shipped directly from the factory

Jump air track

By Jumpairtrack 1 years ago 167 Views No comments

Jump air track has 16 years of experience in the production of inflatable air track, and has won the praise of foreign customers for its price and quality. Below are some introductions to the product.

In terms of materials, we chose A-grade fabrics (Durable 1000 Denier double-layer fabric), made of 2 layers of coated fabric, connected by thousands of small pedals, so the surface is completely flat and provides high elasticity. Not only ensures the safety of athletes, but also allows athletes to fully demonstrate their skills.

Applicable occasions: gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, yoga, gym, water sports, etc.


simplicity of operation.When sending the product, we will be equipped with an air pump for free, Inflating and deflating is done in within 3-5 minute

No noise during the training. No need for continuous air blower inflation, every inflating, can be used for 3-5 days

Portable. The inflatable air track is relatively light and small enough to fit on the back seat of your car.

At the same time, jump air track is a direct factory, which is why our products are very competitive in terms of quality and price. Currently we are also recruiting agents worldwide, welcome to join us.

inflatable air track for sale

By Jumpairtrack 1 years ago 138 Views No comments

This is the 4m inflatable air track that our customers bought for her daughter.

His daughter is 11 years old and a level 5 gymnast and uses it for front and back tucks, round off back handsprings and all sorts of other skills,and my client says his daughter likes this air track and it has improved her confidence when performing some of the more difficult moves, So he is very satisfied with our products.

This air track is made of strong high quality materials, It is easy to inflate, deflate and to store compared to foam mats. It is also waterproof, even if it is used in the swimming pool, there is no problem.

The following is a factory test picture for our customers after the production is completed. We usually test the product for quality problems after the production is completed, and send test pictures to the customer to ensure that our products can meet the customer's requirements.

Product details:

Weight: 15KGS(33LBS)

Accessories: air pump, repair kits, carry bag

Inflation time: Within 3-5 minutes

Please note: the product is shipped directly from the factory

Technology of sealed air track

By Jumpairtrack 1 years ago 178 Views No comments

Global Agent Wanted for inflatable air track

By zecheng liang 1 years ago 208 Views No comments

Global Agent Wanted

Jump inflatable air track is main suppliers of air track in the world and has 14 years of experience in producing inflatables.

We have developed the best quality of air tumble track and ensures that each part keeps the best quality.

Through more years in the business and hundreds of tests, we have been able to create an air track that lasts a long time and is safe for the customer.Jump inflatable air track always works closely with customers from ordering to them using the air tumbling track. We adapt to always meet customer requirements and tailor the air track according to your wishes.

For more information, please feel free to contact us or visit our factory. Jump air track will be your best business partner!http://www.jumpairtrack.com